Their lifespan is
anywhere from 12
to 18 years and
often more.
This is a big step for
anyone, be prepared
for a commitment.
My friend Dolores
"Sweetness of a
low price fades
long before the
bitterness of poor
That's a double
whammy if you
think about it.
First, you'll spend
a lot of money on
vet bills and they
can add up fast.
Second, you'll still
have that poor
quality dog.
The photos you
see  are our   
boys and girls.
As an ethical
breeder, I am more
interested in the
betterment of my
bloodlines than
profit. More
concerned that my
puppy get a good
home than I get
money sooner.
letters have never
indicated a health
problem. In fact
they are proud to
have the vet tell
them the puppy is
in perfect health.
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My name is Kay.

I have been raising and
showing Yorkies for 30
years. I raise top quality
tiny Yorkshire Terriers in
my home.

Often referred to as
"teacup", my puppies are
small because they were
bred to be small not
because they are
malnourished or have

Selecting a
knowledgeable breeder
will be of great value to
you. A responsible
breeder is breeding to
improve and preserve the
quality of the breed.  I
know it is a maze out there
but taking the time to find
a responsible breeder will
pay off in the long run. If
you have any question
about my dogs or the
breed feel free to contact

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Click here to see available puppies
Click here to see available puppies
Our puppies start life with
every advantage.
Besides human help
during labor and delivery,
they get a real doggie
nursery and around the
clock attention until the
little ones are able to get
around on their own.
Our Yorkies get the
extra attention that
makes them a perfect
pet for you.
Our dogs' pedigrees
have a high percentage
include the
Westminster Kennel
Club BIS Winner
Boy or Girl? Adult or
Good questions with
no cut-and-dried
We try to match the
puppy with your
family dynamics.
Let's face it, dogs
have preferences
running from
sedentary to very
active, just like
Yorkies are smart little
guys. They can have you
trained in no time.
Seriously. One of our
mothers will make a small
fuss to be let out of her
puppy enclosure so she
can go potty outside of it.
I have no photo shop
skills so all I can do with
these pictures is crop
them and get rid of the
red eye.  These dogs are
that good-looking!
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