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Kay, as you might guess from our
silence, all is well with Lucy.  We
are great friends, and she’s well
behaved in my office to which she
goes with me every day and where
she gets a star’s attention. She’s a
fast learner. The vet thinks she is
in the pink of health. Thanks again
for all your advice and counsel.  I
think we’ve followed it all.  
Attached is a photo of her with
“bed-head” taken just before our
morning brushing, but I think it’s a
particularly cute look for her.  I
think you can see in the photo how
quickly the silvery-blue is coming
in!  It’s fascinating to watch her
coat change.
Hi Kay,
Our little Girl, who we called Mia is
doing just great.  She got her first
bath last night and seemed to like
it.  She is very comfortable here
and my daughter just loves her
and she loves my daughter.  We
are enjoying her so much and we
are so happy she has come into
our lives.  She is very happy with
all the other pets also, she rules
the cats, they chase each other
around all the time and the yorkie
boys are starting to play with her,
joey the crippled one is very
protective over her, it is so cute.  
But she is doing great and very
happy, she will be seeing the vet
for her next set of shots later in
the month, it is all arranged.  Thank
you........Gail H. in Canada
Hi Kay! The
puppy is doing
very well! I
named her
Maeby. She is
so adorable, I'm
so happy with
her! thank you
so much!

Best regards!
Hi Kay,

Just wanted to let you know that
Venetia had an excellent checkup
at the Vets today.  She is in perfect
health as I suspected.  But she is
2.6 pounds already and the vet
thinks she will be closer to 4 1/2
pounds full grown. But that is fine,
I love her so much and her being
healthy is great.  

I had to go to Physical Therapy
today and V went with!  Everyone
loved her.  Then we also went to
the Wal-Mart and Grocery store
and she went inside with me in a
big purse I have.  All the cashiers
said it was fine as long as she is in
my purse.  The shopping cart
rolling along made her sleepy!  
She was too cute.  I bought her
more toys and a tiny puppy stuffed
animal that looks just like her!  

She has mastered walking on the
leash and is going potty outside
most all the time already.  She is
one very smart girl!  Last night she
kept us up crying so I had to put
her in bed with us but I
surrounded her with pillows and
she woke me up with kisses this

Keep in touch and let me know
how all the other puppies are
doing!  Oh, did the newest puppies
arrive?  I hope all went well if they
did!  And I see you were able to get
onto my forum!  That is great!  

Talk later.  I like to brag about
Venetia as you can surely see!  But
I will try not to bore you too much
with my bragging but the credit
goes to you both too!  

She is so cute and we just love her
and she listens so well, I have
never had a yorkie that was so well
behaved, in fact one day in the
future if I get another one, I will be
calling you, you have the best
puppies ever........thank you for
your time.......Gail in Canada, we
got the little female on January 1st
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She is a very good sleeper.  She has slept the whole night every night since she arrived.  She doesn’t
even whimper.  She is so good.
I just wanted to make sure you knew she was doing well and adjusting.  Thank you again and I will email
again soon
To the right and
left are Ivanaka
and Irmani. Owned
by Sami D. in
They turned out
Hi Kay,

Thought you would
like a picture of Emmie
since you have her
brother and sister
( Ivanaka and Irmani)
on your sight.   She is
now a little over 5
She is very attached to
Mom comes in second
when he is around.  
She is an absolute
love to have.  Thank
you for having such
wonderful puppies.    
Bill and Pat